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Visa and Health Requirements

Visa information
Visas: All foreigners travelling for the PAMCA 2023 annual conference to Ethiopia need a Conference Visa to enter Ethiopia. Ethiopia Government offers an Electronic e-Visa for conference attendance purposes. Delegates are strongly encouraged to apply for their conference visa online rather than at any Embassy. The online process takes 5-7 working days. Once Ethiopia e-visa is approved it will be sent via email.
Applicants are advised to have a printed copy of the approved e-visa letter and passport while travelling. The Visa letter & passport will be verified and stamped upon arrival by Ethiopian Immigration Authority officer. Conference visas are valid for 30 days only and cost USD 52 from the intended date of entry. We recommend that you submit your application at the latest in the 1st week of August.
Please note the following below:
  • The “Company Reference Number” to support your visa application is PA15655714142121
  • Invitation Letters to support your visa application process will be auto generated from our conference management system and sent directly to your email upon completion of conference registration and payments via our Conference website
  • Please click HERE to fill out important information to enable you to receive the Visa Application Letter that you will need for the visa process
  • Apply online here: Apply for Ethiopia Visa Application Online
    Visa exemption: Citizens of Djibouti, Kenya and Diplomatic passport holders do not require a visa to visit Ethiopia.
    For more information on the visa application process, please contact PAMCAVisa@flawlessevents.net

    If you are visiting Ethiopia, your passport should be valid for 6 months from the date you arrive. Check with your travel provider to make sure your passport and other travel documents meet their requirements.

    Covid information
    Arriving Ethiopia:
  • COVID-19 vaccination certificate or negative COVID test is no longer a requirement to enter Ethiopia, but we highly recommend that all our delegates should check any updated information prior to their flight date.
  • It is prohibited for anyone to enter Ethiopia knowing that he/she is infected with coronavirus, mix with the public or meet with people in any situation that may allow the virus to spread.
  • Any person showing COVID-19 symptoms has the duty to appropriately wear a face mask, get self-test or test at a health facility, and follow and implement general COVID-19 preventive measures if he/she tests positive.
  • Any COVID-19 positive person shall isolate either at home or a health facility according to the severity of the illness until cleared by a health professional.
  • Departing from Ethiopia:
    • A COVID-19 test is no longer a requirement when departing from Ethiopia. However, COVID testing (at your own cost) is available for all travelers whose destination countries require one at health centers. If you need to take a COVID-19 PCR test, you can ask for the nearest testing center from the reception at your hotel.
    • Anyone showing COVID-19 symptoms should take a self-test, wear a face mask, and follow the general COVID-19 preventive measures if he/she tests positive.

    Yellow Fever Information:


    Visitors to Ethiopia should be in possession of a valid health certificate for yellow fever.

    Cholera Information:


    Vaccination against cholera is also required for any person who has visited or transited a cholera-infected area within six days prior to arrival in the country.